The 3rd Frontier Polyurethane Technology Summit

Circular economy, peaking carbon dioxide emissions, carbon neutrality, frontier PU technologies and innovation
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About the forum

Sponsored by Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and organized by Chem366.com, the 2022 International Forum on Frontiers in PU Science and Technology and Entrepreneurs Summit was held in Shanghai from November 17 to 18. Featuring more than 20 reports and two salons, the 2-day forum was attended by dozens of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. Available both online and offline, the conference focused on the applications of polyurethanes in smart furniture, new energy vehicles, cold chain logistics, 5G, aerospace, biopharmaceutical and environmentally friendly blowing agents. More than 6,000 viewers from over 20 countries and regions attended the conference, generating more than 80,000 online visits.



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Innovations inspired by PU sustainability—Covestro contributes to circular economy
PU industry in Southeast Asia
Carbon neutrality and circular economy
Applications of PU chain extenders in emerging fields and their development trend
Low-carbon polyurethane solutions
Applications of PU additives and industry landscape
Formaldehyde-free wood-based panels enable a win-win future
Development of environment-friendly and energy-efficient rigid PU foams and technical progress
Introduction to multifunctional poly(oxime-urethane) materials
Technological innovations in upholstered furniture and market trend
Challenges and opportunities facing the PU industry in the context of carbon neutrality
Status quo of the cold chain industry and its development trend against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic
Applications of PU materials in new energy sector
Introduction to the next generation of variable mix ratio spray foam proportioner
Applications of PU materials in aero engines
Study on self-healing polyurethane materials based on Diels–Alder reaction
Synthesis and applications of PUDs
Opportunities and challenges facing bio-based polyurethane technology

Opening Remarks


By Ren Bei

Secretary general of Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association
Mr. Ren said China is faced with unbalanced energy development, as well as environmental, carbon emissions, resources and sustainability issues. For the polyurethanes industry, which provides a diverse range of products, these challenges are also opportunities. The discussions of topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and responsible care would promote healthy and orderly development of the PU industry, and provide valuable experience and lessons for other segments of the chemical industry.
As a polymer with excellent properties, polyurethanes have become the fifth largest plastic after polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and polystyrene, and are widely used in different sectors of the economy, including light industry, chemical industry, electronics, textiles, healthcare, construction, automobile, defense, aviation and aerospace. China’s PU industry has achieved impressive progress in recent years and plays a vital role in people’s everyday life.
According to the secretary general, growing at a CAGR of about 5% for the previous years the global output of polyurethane products exceeded 25 million tonnes in 2021. China, as a major producer and consumer of polyurethane products, has made a great contribution to the development of global polyurethanes industry.


Vice dean of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Secretary general of Committee of Green Circular and Inclusive Development of All-China Environment Federation
A business management professor and doctoral student adviser at Fudan University
deputy secretary general of Cold Chain Logistics Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
From the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Anhui University
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Chairman of the board of Xiangyuan New Materials Co., LTD
General manager of Maysta Chemical Co., LTD.
Innovation manager of Covestro
R&D director of BASF Polyurethane Asia Pacific
R&D manager of Shandong Inov New Materials Co., LTD.
Dean of Composite Materials Department of Donghua University
Deputy chief engineer of AECC CAE
Vice general manager of Sinomax Group
Research Institute of Huafon Group
Industry Manager of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd
Sales director of Carlisle Fluid Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Senior analyst of PUdaily
Deputy general manager of Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Theme 1:
Sustainability and Circular Economy
Prof. Wang Xinling, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Dr. Jiang Nanqing, secretary general of Committee of Green Circular and Inclusive Development of All-China Environment Federation
Dr. Qing Siyan, innovation manager of Covestro
Li Jian, vice chairman of the board of directors of Shandong Inov New Materials
Zhou Jian, chairman of the board of Xiangyuan New Materials Co., LTD.
Zhang Xiaojun, vice general manager of Sinomax Group
Theme 2:
The impact of standards and regulations on carbon neutrality and peaking carbon dioxide emissions
Cheng Guowen, General manager of PUdaily
Kenny Pan, President of Huntsman Polyurethanes Asia Pacific
Wei Wei, vice dean of Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sun Yu, chairman of the board of directors of Maysta Chemical
Jiang Tao, manager of sustainability and public affairs at Covestro.

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Media Reports

China Chemical Industry News
China Business Network


Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association
Established on July 28, 2011 by registering at Shanghai Municipal Administration of Social Organizations, Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association is in the charge of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization. With more than 60 members from across the PU value chain, the association is a voluntary non-profit organization comprised of PU-related enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and colleges.
Purpose of the association: Communicating members’ concerns to the government and safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests; strengthening communication with the government and the public to promote their understanding of the polyurethanes industry; promoting clustering of various resources to unlock the industry’s development potential; facilitating exchanges and cooperation between PU firms at home and abroad and across the value chain on production, technology, market, circular economy, etc.; and fostering healthy and sustainable development of polyurethanes industry.
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Located in Shanghai, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) is an application-oriented research university focusing on engineering while emphasizing the coordinated development of multiple disciplines including engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law and art. Originated from the University of Shanghai founded in 1906 and Deutsche Medizinschule in 1907, USST was established in 1996 through the merger of East China University of Technology (formerly Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering) and Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Technology.
Since its inception in 2007, PUdaily, a brand of Suntower Consulting Limited, has been devoted to the tracking and research of the Chinese polyurethane market, providing real-time, accurate and integrated pricing intelligence, market dynamics and research reports to customers on the global polyurethane industry value chain.
As the polyurethane industry increasingly globalizes in recent years, PUdaily has broadened its tracking scope to the markets including Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East. It is also gradually extending its antenna to cover the geographical regions of Europe, Americas and Africa.
While real-time price tracking and exclusive news hook global customers into its platform, PUdaily has built up its brand, reputation and influence by offering unparalleled intelligence services and organizing industry events.

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