Customized Solutions

Customization can help customers tap into the unknown data, verify the existing information, and facilitate intelligence acquisition, empowering companies to make market friendly decisions.

Using a proven market research methodology, we are in the position to provide customers with tailor-made solutions in line with their special requirements, equipping them with precise data and insight into the polyurethane industry value chain.

Research Objectives
Research Methodology

PUdaily conducts market survey and research by following the steps below: Preliminary understanding of the target market will be gained through secondary data. In-depth perception of the market will be acquired by collecting a vast amount of primary data by PUdaily's experienced analysts. Last but not least, all the data gleaned will be cross validated with market participants.


Secondary Data

  20 years of intelligence database (price, supply/demand, forecast, etc.) of PUdaily

  Industry associations and organizations

  Financial reports of public companies

  Customs data

  Other public data sources


Primary Data

  Producers, traders/distributors, end users and other companies on the industry value chain

  Senior management of the target company in the roles including purchasing, marketing/sales, R&D and strategy.

  Industry associations and organizations, as well as academic institutions.


Cross Validation

Based on the secondary data and the vast primary data gleaned, PUdaily's experienced analysts are able to work out the most objective, integrated and in-depth data and insights, providing effective tools for our customers to make smarter decisions.

Typical Solutions
Market Size Analysis

The Current Situation and Trend of the Chinese and international Supply of Polyurethane Raw Materials;
The Current Situation and Trend of the Chinese and international Demand for Polyurethane Raw Materials;
The Current Situation and Trend of the Global Import and Export Flows of Polyurethane Raw Materials.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Basic Information
Product & Pricing Strategy
Channel Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Financial Status
Supply Chain
Production Process
Target Customers

Downstream Industry Analysis

The Market Size of Downstream Segment Industries
The Demand Growth of Downstream Segment Industries
The Competitive Intensity of Downstream Industries
The Technological Development Trends of Downstream Industries
The Market Entry Strategy of Downstream Segment Industries
The Distribution of Downstream Customers
The Purchasing and other Preferences of End Users
The Competitive Products in Downstream Industries

Market Entry Analysis

The Market Size Analysis
The Technological Barriers for Market Entry
The Business Barriers for Market Entry
The Key Success Factors for Market Entry
The Market Size Analysis
The Key Target Customers for Market Entry
The Key Target Selection for Market Entry
The Competition Strategy and Advice for Market Entry

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