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Daily Price Updates

Gain immediate access to daily prices for key commodities including TDI, MDI,Propylene Oxide, Polyether Polyols, Adipic Acid, BDO,THF, PTMEG in Asia - Pacific and all other major trading regions

Elaborate Pricing Charts

Identify cyclical trends of your interested commodities at a glance using our elaborate chart function which clearly demonstate periodic change in prices. We offer pricing charts for all key commodities breaken down by region, providing clients with maximum convenience. Historial pricing charts are available for download instantly

Latest Pricing News

Find latest pricing news and get a clear market sentiment across the global polyurethane industry. Obtain professional in-depth market commentary from our experts, grasp the industry dynamic and gain vaulable market insights to earn a competitive edge.

Weekly Reviews

The polyurethane market is ever-changing, which necessitate us to cope with the challenges while anticipating future needs. PUdaily provides systematic and comprehesive weekly reviews to help you thrive! We incorporate all our pricing essentials in the weekly review, which comprise of market overview and analysis, facility dynamics, upstream feedstock analysis, downstream industry analysis, import and export analysis, industry news and market outlook. With the focus of pricing trends of key commodities in Asia-Pacific and all other major trading regions, we are committed to make market decisions smarter.
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