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In the complex and volatile market, our expert analysis and broad market view can help you react swiftly to industry developments.

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Since its inception in 2007, PUdaily, a brand of Suntower Consulting Limited, has been devoted to the tracking and research of the Chinese polyurethane market, providing real-time, accurate and integrated pricing intelligence, market dynamics and research reports to customers on the global polyurethane industry value chain.

As the polyurethane industry increasingly globalizes in recent years, PUdaily has broadened its tracking scope to the markets including Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East. It is also gradually extending its antenna to cover the geographical regions of Europe, Americas and Africa.

While real-time price tracking and exclusive news hook global customers into its platform, PUdaily has built up its brand, reputation and influence by offering unparalleled intelligence services and organizing industry events.

Our Vision

PUdaily aims to become the industry benchmark for market pricing intelligence in the polyurethane markets of China, Asia and the world at large.

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Our customers include polyurethane raw materials & upstream feedstock producers, polyurethane traders & distributors, polyurethane intermediates and end users, machinery & equipment companies, logistics and warehouses companies, investment service firms, not-for-profit organizations.

According to the Google statistics, PUdaily has customer bases in more than 80 countries and territories around the world.


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