Asia-Pacific Propylene Oxide Market Research Report 2022

Asia-Pacific region mentioned in this report covers China, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and South Korea



The unexpected factors such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Covid-19 pandemic have brought great impact on global economy, international trade and energy industry, thus indirectly affecting the polyether oxide industry. PUdaily’s Asia-Pacific Propylene Oxide Market Research Report 2022 provides deep insights to help stakeholders make informed decisions in a volatile market. The report mainly concentrates in Asia Pacific market and gives an in-depth interpretation of supply-demand pattern, market price movement, costs and profits, competitive landscape, industry opportunities and potential threats, technological innovations, etc.


1.1 Global Macroeconomic Environment 1.1.1 Global GDP 1.1.2 Global PMI 1.1.3 Global Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) Asia-Pacific Macroeconomic Environment 1.2.1 China Macroeconomic Environment China GDP China PMI China CCI China Export Trade Environment China Export Trade Review 2022 Impact of China Export Trade Environment on TDI Industry Chain in 2022 China Export Trade Outlook 2023 The Impact of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) on China’s TDI industry 1.2.2 Southeast Asia Macroeconomic Environment Southeast Asia GDP Southeast Asia PMI 1.2.3 India Macroeconomic Environment India GDP India PMI 1.2.4 Japan Macroeconomic Environment Japan GDP Japan PMI 1.2.5 South Korea Macroeconomic Environment South Korea GDP South Korea PMI

2.1 Major PO Industry Events in 2022 2.2 PO Production Process 2.2.1 Chlorohydrin Process 2.2.2 Cooxidation Process 2.2.3 HPPO Process 2.2.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Processes

3.1 Global Major PO Suppliers 3.1.1 DOW Chemical 3.1.2 Sadara 3.1.3 LyondellBasell 3.1.4 Petro Rabigh 3.2 Global PO Capacity and Demand Review 2018-2022 3.3 Global PO Capacity and Demand Outlook 2023-2027

4.1 Asia-Pacific PO Capacity Review and Outlook 4.2 Asia-Pacific PO Demand Review and Outlook

5.1 China PO and Its Main Feedstocks Price Trends in 2022 5.1.1 Propylene 5.1.2 Liquid Chlorine 5.1.3 PO 5.2 China PO Production Cost and Profit 2022 5.3 China PO Supply Market 2018-2022 5.3.1 China PO Suppliers 5.3.2 China PO Capacity and Output Analysis 5.3.3 China Major PO Suppliers’ Market Share and Industry Concentration 5.4 China PO Imports and Exports 2018-2022 5.4.1 China PO Import/Export Policy and Trade Environment 5.4.2 China PO Imports and Exports 2018-2022 5.5 China PO Consumption Market 2022 5.5.1 China PO Consumption by Region 5.5.2 China PO Consumption by Industry 5.6 China PO Market Forecast 2023-2027 5.6.1 China PO Production Process Trend 2023-2027 5.6.2 China PO Supply and Demand Forecast 2023-2027 5.6.3 China PO Price Forecast 2023

6.1 Southeast Asia and India PO Capacity Review 2018-2022 6.2 Major PO Suppliers in Southeast Asia and India 6.2.1 DOW Chemical 6.2.2 PTTGC 6.2.3 Shell 6.3 Southeast Asia and India PO Demand Review 2018-2022 6.4 Southeast Asia and India PO Demand Outlook 2023 6.5 Southeast Asia and India PO Price Trend and Outlook 2022-2023

7.1 Major PO Suppliers in Japan and South Korea 7.1.1 S-oil 7.1.2 SKC 7.1.3 Sumitomo 7.2 Japan and South Korea PO Capacity and Demand Review 2018-2022 7.3 Japan and South Korea PO Capacity and Demand Outlook 2023

Chapter VIII Research Methodology
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