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PU Market Analysis
Report synopsis

Time flies, 2016 almost comes to an end. At the same time, the annual polyurethane market research reports will soon come out.

Looking back this year, both domestic and foreign market participants, including suppliers and distributors, commonly expressed their expectations at the beginning of this year that the market can recover from last year and the prices can maintain flat this year. However, the market has continued to rise since August and the trend of skyrocketing prices makes a number of market participants stunned. This time, our market analysts utilize their prehistorical powers to bring you a comprehensive interpretation of the market, to predict the future trend and to answer your questions.

All that you’ve already known or not, will be found answers in 2016 polyurethane market research reports.

Key Contents
  • a.
    2016 Demand and Supply Analysis and Forecast for the Next Five Years
  • b.
    Global Producers and Future Capacity Forecast
  • c.
    Global Suppliers’ Market & Supply Strategy in China
  • d.
    International Trade Strategy of Local Suppliers
  • e.
    Suppliers’ Market Share Analysis
  • f.
    Suppliers’ Profit Analysis
  • g.
    Consumption Segments of Terminal Industry
  • h.
    Interpretation of Market Price Trend in 2016
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