2020 China PO Yearly Report
2021-03-17    [Source:PUdaily]

1.1 Profile of PO 

1.1.1 Properties and relevant national standard 

1.1.2 Major downstream applications

1.2 Development of production processes and technologies

1.2.1 Chlorohydrination process 

1.2.2 Cooxidation process 

1.2.3 HPPO process 

1.2.4 Advantages and disadvantages of different processes

1.3 Regulations and laws on the PO industry

1.3.1 Environmental policies 

1.3.2 Import and export policies

1.3.3 Summary 

2 An Overview of Global PO Market 

2.1 Major global PO producers in 2020 

2.2 Global new and eliminated capacities in 2020

2.3 Changes in global PO capacity 2016-2020 

2.4 Changes in global PO consumption 2016-2020 

2.5 PO trade flow in Asia 

2.5.1 PO supply and demand in Korea and its imports and exports

2.5.2 PO supply and demand in Japan and its imports and exports


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