PU for Rechargeable Electrostatic Face Masks
2021-01-13    [Source:www.intellasia.net]

High Performance Breathable Face Mask With Rechargeable Filtration Media Treated With Anti-Odour Coating

CORI Innolab (Formerly known as CORI Traveller), the makers of CORI SuperMask™ and SuperMask™ Active, has launched an ultra-breathable, rechargeable high-performance mask that allows users to retain the mask filtration efficacy through triboelectric mechanisms.

The CORI Super Recharge 96™ is capable of filtering out more than 96% of 0.3-micron sized particles. This filtration performance can be retained for up to 60 washes without deterioration, by rubbing the mask in between your palms 5-10 times after washing and drying.

The adjustable silicone straps allow the mask to fit a wide range of users with median nose to chin length between 8.5 centimetres and up to 13 centimetres maximum. Complemented with the unique C3 Ratio™ contour around the nose and cheekbones, it provides a snug fit and reduces the chances of your eyeglasses fogging up.

Tribo-Electric Filtration with Superior Breathability

How does it work? In order to achieve the best breathability with ultra-high filtration performance, a sequential filtration array was designed with the use of specially selected materials. The outermost layer, a biocompatible reticulated polyurethane foam serves as a Particle De-accelerator, slowing down particles with its microcellular channels that resemble a maze of pathways, achieving macro-filtration of larger particles between PM2.5 to PM10.

Smaller particles that are not trapped by the foam, are slowed, and are trapped by either the hydrophobic non-woven mechanical/electrostatic filter (PM2.5 to PM0.3), and the innermost tribo-electric electrostatic filter (PM 0.3) with a combined efficiency of over 96%.

The two filter layers can be rubbed against each other to recharge the electrostatic filtration properties of the layers back to a very high performance.

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