BASFto Increase Production Capacity for Synthetic Ester Base Stocks in Jinshan, China
2020-10-13    [Source:BASF]

Capacity to be almost doubled
Ester base stocks are key components for synthetic lubricants for a variety of applications, including refrigeration, automotive and industrial lubricants
    Capacity expansion is in response to the rising demand for high-performance lubricants addressing sustainability trends in Asia Pacific

    BASF will almost double the production capacity for its synthetic ester base stocks  at its site in Jinshan, China. The investment comes in response to the rising demand for high-performance lubricants in Asia Pacific and further strengthens BASF’s position as a reliable supplier that strongly supports customers’ growth in the region.

    Synthetic ester base stocks are essential components in the formulation of high-performance lubricants providing several sustainability benefits. Fields of application include environmentally friendly refrigeration and air-conditioning, automotive well as industrial lubricants.

   “The new production capacity for synthetic ester base stocks will bring additional security of supply for our customers particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Building on our backward integration into key raw materials we will be leveraging the full strength of BASF as a leading and reliable component provider to the lubricant industry,” explains Matthias Lang, Vice President, Business Management Fuel and Lubricant Solutions Asia Pacific and Performance Chemicals Greater China. “We are excited to serve our customers even better and grow together with them moving forward.”

    The capacity expansion is expected to reach full completion by the second half of 2022.

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