Röhm Puts MMA on Sales Control in Europe
2020-09-16    [Source:Chemical Week]

    Röhm (Darmstadt, Germany) says it has put methyl methacrylate (MMA) on sales control in Europe, effective immediately.

    “This step is necessary as demand has increased and raw material availability is limited,” it says.

    The company announced in July it would shut down its MMA plant at Worms, Germany, between 7–30 September for planned maintenance. Röhm has production capacity for 225,000 metric tons/year of MMA at Worms and 95,000 metric tons/year of MMA capacity at its plant at Wesseling, Germany, a spokesperson tells CW. “The recent recovery in demand, as well as limited raw material availability, makes it necessary for Röhm to manage supply to our core customers well,” he says. The limitations in MMA availability will result in certain supply restrictions and extended lead times, as supply contracts and individual agreements allow, it said in a letter issued to customers on 14 September.  

    Röhm also announced in late August a price increase effective 1 September for MMA and other methacrylate monomer products in Europe. The company raised prices, as agreements allowed, by €30 ($36) metric ton across all grades “following recent raw material cost increases,” it says. The company had previously raised its prices on 1 July by between 2–4% for the same products in Europe, after having first increased prices in March this year.

    Röhm, the former methacrylates business of Evonik Industries, was sold to private equity firm Advent International last year.

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