AmSty, Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo to Advance Circularity of Polystyrene
2020-09-16    [Source:NS PACKAING]

    The three firms will jointly explore advanced recycling technologies and optimise them for large-scale commercial use.

    Polystyrene and styrene monome producer AmSty, styrenics supplier Ineos Styrolution and Trinseo, a plastics and synthetic rubber manufacturer, have signed a joint development agreement (JDA) to explore ways to recycle polystyrene.

    The move is a part of the partners’ efforts to accelerate drive towards the circular economy for polystyrene, which is a unique polymer suitable for multiple advanced recycling solutions such as depolymerisation.

    As per the JDA, the firms will jointly explore advanced recycling technologies and optimise them for large-scale commercial use. The partners will also invite contributors along the value chain.

    AmSty president and CEO Dr Randy Pogue said: “I am thrilled to see the industry coming together globally to work on a common goal to realize true circularity for styrenics. This is a true win-win for all participants in this joint effort and finally for our customers, for consumers and for society.”

    INEOS Styrolution Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) president Alexander Glück said: “Polystyrene has all it takes to make it a star in a circular economy. Enhanced recycling technologies even offer recycled polystyrene at food contact quality. Which other polymer can do that?”

Post-consumer polystyrene to be used for the development of new materials in future

    The JDA intends to create an economy where post-consumer polystyrene will be used as a valuable resource for the development of new materials, instead of ending up in landfills.

    Trinseo plastics & feedstocks vice-president Nicolas Joly said: “This marks another milestone in our industry’s commitment towards a circular economy where we can continue to enjoy all the benefits of Polystyrene whilst solving the environmental challenges at the same time.”

    Recently, Trinseo partnered with Grupo Lantero division Coexpan to validate polystyrene recycling technologies to use in the form fill seal (FFS) market of the global dairy industry.

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