Amyris Continues Market Adoption Of Its Sweetener With Approval By Health Canada
2020-09-16    [Source:yahoo news]

    Amyris, Inc. , a leading synthetic biotechnology company in Clean Health and Beauty markets through its consumer brands, and a top supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients, today announced that its Reb M natural sweetener has received approval for use in food by Health Canada, the government department that is responsible for Canada's federal health policy.

    Reb M is part of Amyris' functional ingredients portfolio consisting of products that deliver performance and sustainability for home and personal care, food and beverage, and clean beauty end-markets. Amyris' Reb M is the great tasting, natural, non-GMO, zero-calorie sweetener made from sugarcane. Amyris' sweetener offers formulators the best alternative to sugar at a price that makes switching easy.

    Amyris' Reb M has been approved by Health Canada for use in all foods allowed for sweeteners such as tabletop sugar replacements, bakery goods, cereals, beverages, soups, yogurts, confectionery, and dietetic confectionery. With this certification as a food additive sweetener, the authorization has the immediate effect of permitting Amyris' Reb M to be used to the maximum concentration authorized for steviol glycosides sweeteners.

    "We are pleased to receive the certification of our Reb M sweetener by Health Canada paving the way for this amazing ingredient to be used in a variety of products marketed across Canada," said Jim Iacoponi, Senior Vice President, Sweetener (B2B) at Amyris. "Our Reb M provides food producers and brands selling products in Canada a solution to the Government of Canada's legislation requiring identification of sugars on product labels. Reb M's great taste offers consumers an alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages and presents Canadians with a healthier alternative to other sweeteners."


    To date globally, Amyris has had over 300 food and beverage manufacturers working with its Reb M at various stages of product development and formulation. Multiple formulation projects are currently underway with market-leading brands planning to incorporate Amyris' Reb M in upcoming product launches in the USA and Latin America. Amyris previously obtained approvals for sale of its Reb M in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the USA.

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