Experts Share Their Opinion on How the Pharmaceutical Sector Responds to the Disruption in Supply Chains and the Need to Change Business Processes
2020-09-15    [Source:CHEManager]

    So far, the pharmaceutical industry — including CMOs/CDMOs — has responded well to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    However, the Coronavirus crisis has uncovered some issues that were smoldering under the surface and need to be addressed by the industry and by politics alike. For instance, the pandemic puts pharmaceutical research and development strategies to the test and challenges manufacturing planning and supply chain management.

    CHEManager asked executives and industry experts about how this pandemic may kick off changes in the pharma market. We wanted to know:

  • After half a year of living and working under pandemic conditions, what in your opinion are the most important lessons learned so far, and how will the current pharma business model change in the post-Covid era?
  • Read the insightful answers of the experts here.

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