COVID-19: Berry to Invest in New Melt-blown Nonwoven Production Line in UK
2020-06-30    [Source:Chemical week]

PUdaily, Shanghai —— Berry Global Group (Evansville, Indiana) says it is investing in a new melt-blown nonwovens production line in the UK that will supply fabric to be used in the manufacture of protective face masks. No investment figure has been given.

    The production line will be outfitted with Berry’s proprietary charging technology at one of the company’s UK facilities to increase capacity for the production of European-standard Type IIR and N99-equivalent FFP3 masks, it says. The company is collaborating with The Medicom Group, which has a long-term contractual agreement with the UK government to supply the masks and is scheduled to open a new UK-based production facility later this year.

    The investments in the new production facilities have been enabled through a long-term contractual commitment by the UK government, says Berry. “This move highlights the focus governments are placing on securing a supply chain that helps ensure a local supply of personal protective equipment,” it says. 

    Berry said
in May it was expanding its melt-blown nonwovens production capacity in Berlin, Germany, to help meet the surge in demand for protective face masks due to COVID-19, while the previous month it also said it was accelerating investment in another production line at Biesheim, France, for the supply of high-efficiency filtration media for masks.

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