Clariant Catalysts Invests in R&D Centre Expansion
2020-06-29    [Source:Chemical Technology]

PUdaily, Shanghai —— Clariant Catalysts has invested in its research and development (R&D) centre in Palo Alto, California, US, to expand its throughput.

    The upgraded facility will accommodate technical experts and advanced equipment.

    Clariant Catalysts senior vice-president and general manager Stefan Heuser said: “The expansion of our Palo Alto high-throughput catalyst R&D centre represents an essential milestone of our business strategy.

    “Thanks to its location, the centre capitalises on the high-tech nature of Silicon Valley. We are very excited about the advances in catalyst technology we plan to achieve here for our customers.”

    The upgraded facility features high-throughput equipment that combines robotics, automated procedures, and specialised software, including machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

    With this new equipment, the company aims to accelerate catalyst discovery and development.

    By increasing the R&D capacity of its Palo Alto facility, Clariant Catalysts aims to further its ability to offer faster and better solutions to its customers while supporting its partners with custom catalyst scale-up projects.

    Clariant Catalysts Palo Alto R&D Centre head Anthony Volpe said: “Increasing our capacity allows us to boost both productivity and innovation, which will result in faster development of catalysts for our customers.

    “We are also accelerating our work to advance the state-of-the-art in high-throughput technologies, especially in supporting catalyst scale-up and production.”

    Last month, Clariant unveiled plans to expand the production capacity of isethionates mild surfactants as personal care formulators and brands seek to develop milder applications.

    The move will involve investing at its facilities at Mount Holly in the US and Tarragona in Spain to increase the production of Clariant’s Hostapon SCI grades.

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