The First "Cloud Summit" in PU Industry was Held in Shanghai
2020-06-24    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai —— The "2020 Frontier Polyurethane Technology & Global Entrepreneurs Summit", jointly sponsored by Shanghai Polyurethane Industry Association, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Chem366, was held in Shanghai from June 12 to 21. Themed "Greenness, Technology, environmental-friendliness and Intelligence", the forum was broadcast live over the Internet. More than 12,000 viewers from more than 30 countries and regions watched it online. Media such as China Business Network, China Chemical Industry News, Jiemian. com, Sina. com, China Daily and ifeng. com reported on the forum.


The First "Cloud Summit" in PU Industry


    The forum lasted for 10 days. 28 well-known scholars and experts from global polyurethane and new materials industry reported on more than 20 research topics, and participated in 4 theme salons organized by Chem366. They exchanged on topics such as industrial policy, environmental protection, recycling, sustainable innovation, and frontier polyurethane technologies. They also discussed how chemical companies should promote sustainable innovation amid the COVID-19 epidemic. By exchanging ideas, they aimed to promote sustainable development of the polyurethane industry. It was the first time that an online + offline summit had been held in polyurethane industry.


    For the first time, the forum was held on the "cloud". Compared with previous forums, this one as a global conference highlighted the frontier PU technologies, the new concepts of lifestyle, and the opportunities brought by emerging industries. Without time and space constraints, it improved communication efficiency by enabling putting questions, interacting and answering questions on the cloud. The forum helped participating companies publicize themselves as the economy hit by the epidemic was recovering, make their businesses more intelligent and internationalized. The forum focused on the application of polyurethanes in the fields such as smart home, new-energy vehicles, cold chain logistics, 5G, LNG carrier, high-speed railway, aerospace, biomedicine, and novel blowing agents. More than 12,000 viewers around the globe viewed it 150,000 times, posting more than 6,000 comments. Over 260 questions were answered online and offline.


    Michel Baumgartner, Secretary General of EUROPUR and EUROMOULDERS, and Feng Shaoguang, Senior Academician and Chief Scientist of Dow Chemical, took the lead in delivering reports.


Ji Jian, a professor from Zhejiang University and Wang Xinling, a professor from Shanghai Jiaotong University



Zhao Ling, a professor from East China University of Science and Technology and Wang Junwei, a director from Chinese Academy of Sciences


 (the experts are interacting with viewers over the Internet)


    Experts such as Ji Jian, a professor from Zhejiang University, Wang Liqun, a doctor from Zhejiang University, Wang Xinling, a professor from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Li Jing, a Professor from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Zhao Ling, a professor from East China University of Science, Jin Xin, a teacher from China COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, and Wang Junwei, a director from Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the application of cutting-edge polyurethane technologies such as self-healing polyurethanes, carbon dioxide-based polyurethanes and graphene-reinforced polyurethanes in medicine, LNG carrier and aerospace. 

(popularity indices for different speakers)

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