Asian Propylene Update
2020-06-01    [Source:Everchem]

PUdaily, Shanghai —— Propylene prices down adjusted in Asia on Thursday. Reports of weaker demand trends in major markets like China, coupled with a fall in upstream crude and naphtha values, together supported the price drop.



    FOB Korea propylene prices were down at the USD 715/mt levels, a day on day decline of USD 10/mt.


    CFR China propylene prices were lower at the USD 760/mt levels, a drop of USD 10/mt from Wednesday’s assessed levels.


    In plant news, Sinopec SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical, has taken off-stream its naphtha cracker, on May 9, 2020, for a maintenance turnaround. The cracker is likely to remain under maintenance for about two months. Located at Tianjin, China, the cracker has an ethylene production capacity of 1 million mt/year and propylene capacity of 540,000 mt/year.


    In other plant news, BASF-YPC has undertaken a planned shutdown its naphtha cracker, on April 30, 2020. The cracker is expected to remain under maintenance till mid-June, 2020. Located in Jiangsu, China, the cracker has an ethylene capacity of 750,000 mt/year and propylene capacity of 400,000 mt/year.

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