McDermott bags 2nd CATOFIN PDH tech contract with APC
2020-05-26    [Source:Newsfiber]

PUdaily Shanghai —— McDermott International, Inc has been awarded a sizeable technology contract by Advanced Global Investment Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Petrochemical Co (APC). McDermott's Lummus Technology will provide the license and basic engineering package of a CCATOFIN unit at its new grassroots petrochemical complex in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.


    The new unit will have a propylene production capacity of 843,000 metric tons per annum.

    "The CATOFIN technology that Lummus licenses worldwide, alongside our partner Clariant, provides a highly reliable, lower-cost route to propylene, with a lower carbon footprint. APC's decision to proceed with CATOFIN technology for their second unit is a testament to the successful operation of their PDH unit and consistent performance as a top quartile PDH complex," said Leon de Bruyn, senior vice president, Lummus Technology.

    This is APC's second CATOFIN unit in APC's portfolio, having previously licensed the technology for its unit in 2003—also in Jubail.

    The CATOFIN process operates at optimised reactor pressure and temperature to maximise propylene yield. The new grassroots plant will utilise Clariant's latest generation CATOFIN catalyst system, including the company's patented metal-oxide Heat Generating Material (HGM) to deliver maximised selectivity at high conversion rates and long run lengths.

    McDermott defines a sizeable contract as between $1 million and $50 million. Its Lummus Technology is a leading licensor of proprietary petrochemicals, refining, gasification and gas processing technologies, and a supplier of proprietary catalysts and related engineering.

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