Joining Hands with Peak, Wanhua Chemical Will Bring New 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution to K 2019
2019-10-09    [Source:PUdaily]

From October 16th to 23rd, K 2019, the world leading trade fair for plastics and rubber, will officially take place at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center. At Booth C24, Hall 5, Wanhua Chemical will launch its latest 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution with Peak, one of the largest sportswear companies in China at 2 p.m., October 17th. Both companies are expected to present the solution’s three dominant features in full material coverage, customization and recyclability, as well as the latest applications based on the deep collaboration. Visitors will be able to take a close look at the new solution and get a fresh taste of its unique recyclability at the booth.

Today 3D printed sneakers have trended across the globe thanks to the rapid development of the 3D printing technology and the rising application of 3D printed materials in the shoemaking industry. In the meantime, due to their unique advantages in customization, multi-material fusion, and sustainability over traditional sneakers, 3D printed sneakers have also attracted wide attention from manufacturers and consumers. All these features make 3D printed shoes a direction for the development of future manufacturing. However, many challenges remain in achieving full customization of all 3D printed materials, manufacturing and combining different 3D printed shoe parts and reaching thorough collaboration among different parties of the value chain. The 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution to be presented by Wanhua Chemical and Peak aims to breach these bottlenecks.

“As 3D printing technologies advance rapidly around the world, the manufacturing industry will witness new revolutions and provide more diversified choices for brands and end consumers,” says Weiqi Hua, Executive Vice-President, Chief Technology Officer of Wanhua Chemical, “Leading the developmental trends of 3D printing materials, Wanhua Chemical is tackling technological challenges, providing new full-material solutions, and accelerating their application in sneaker-manufacturing. Moreover, we are committed to constructing an industry ecosystem in cooperation with downstream 3D printing devices and services providers as well as sportswear brands, to provide high added-value for the whole 3D printing industry.”

“Today consumers aspire innovated sporting experience, which primarily relies on the technological advancements and innovative breakthroughs. From unveiling the first 3D printed product in China to the imminent launch of 3D printed sneakers based on Wanhua Chemical’s new 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution, Peak is always dedicated to forging cutting-edge technological and innovative capabilities. We expect to continuously release avant-garde personalized products to meet the emerging demand of consumers. Wanhua Chemical’s 3D Printed Shoe-Material Solution brings new possibilities to the sportswear industry and we are looking forward to bringing the fruit of this collaboration, the product of a new era to global consumers.,” said Kui Cai, Design Director of Peak Sports USA Design Centre.

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