Cangzhou Dahua 300k t/a-Class TDI Expansion Project Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the First Time
2019-01-18    [Source:PUdaily]

PUdaily, Shanghai-- In accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, Regulations of Hebei Province on Public Participation in Environmental Protection and other relevant regulations, matters concerning "the contents of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report on Juhai Branch of Cangzhou Dahua’s 300k t/a-class TDI expansion project, which is published for the first time, are hereby announced to the public as follows:

1. Introduction to the project
Project name: 300k t/a-class TDI expansion project
Project location: Eastern part of Cangzhou Coastal-port Economic and Technological Development Zone

Subprojects involved and capacities: (1).Transforming the 50k t/a TDI photochemical plant and 70k t/a TDI photochemical plant; (2). Building a new integrated TDA/TDI plant, a hydrogen chloride treatment unit, and an integrated DNT/SCA plant; (3). Building TDI tank and warehouse area, toluene tank farm, concentrated nitric acid tank, liquid chlorine tank and other facilities; (4).Constructing supporting environmental project, circulating water plant and water supply and drainage pipe network; (5). Gas and steam for the project as well as storage and logistics services will be provided by existing public utilities. The company will purchase and install 500 units, including hydrogenation reactor, phosgene synthesis reactor, phosgenation reactor, TDI refinery column, hydrogen chloride catalytic oxidation reactor and nitration reactor. The 50k t/a and 70k t/a TDI plants will be transformed to increase their capacities to 80,000 tons/year respectively, thus pushing their capacity to 160,000 tons/year. Building a 160k t/a TDI unit. Thus, the TDI capacity will total 320,000 tons/year.

Existing projects and environmental protection: Existing projects in the factory include 50k t/a TDI project, 70k t/a TDI project, 135 k t/a nitric acid project, 160k t/a ion film caustic soda project, 88.45k t/a DNT project and 60k t/a DNT project. Projects under construction include 60k t/a DNT technical renovation project, 50k t/a TDI technical renovation project, 100k t/a polycarbonate project, coal-fired boiler renovation and distributed energy projects, and new tank farm for finished TDI product. All the existing projects have obtained EIA (environmental impact assessment) approval and passed the acceptance inspection. Projects under construction have obtained EIA approval. The pollution discharge license No. is PWX-130965-0044-18, valid from August 20, 2018 to August 19, 2019.

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