Sadara CFO Massimiliano Leopardi Honored as Top Regional Financial Leader
2018-11-28    [Source:sadara]

November 25 2018 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Massimiliano Leopardi, Sadara’s Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, was honored recently as one of the top CFOs in the Middle East and North Africa. Leopardi was ranked third in the “MENA CFO of the Year category” at the MENA CFO Excellence Awards.

The MENA CFO Excellence Awards recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievements and revolutionary practices in finance. It is organized in conjunction with the CFO Strategies Forum MENA, which brings together over 120 Chief Financial Officers, CEOs and industry experts to discuss industry trends, catalyze the region’s continuous growth and provide them with unparalleled education and networking opportunities.

Leopardi was awarded for his achievements over the past year as CFO and leader of the finance function at Sadara. He was commended by the jury for his work around Sadara’s Interest Rate Hedging Program, the Insurance Program, the Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program, the Cost Management Program, the Sale and Leaseback of the Solids and Liquids Handling Center (Packaging Center) and the Refinancing of the Hydrogen Peroxide Joint Venture. Leopardi was also invited by the forum to present Sadara’s risk management practices, which were recognized as being best practice regionally.

Leopardi has been the Chief Financial Officer at Sadara Chemical Company since July 2014, and has a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the finance and petrochemical industries. He plays a key role in the continued growth of Sadara – a joint venture developed by Saudi Aramco and Dow and the world's largest chemicals complex built in a single phase, serving as an integral and strategic member of its senior management team, and is primarily responsible for the management of the company's present and future financial position, and building a strong and capable financial team to support the company's business and operations.

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