Ascend Sees Constrained PA66 aAailability in Short Term
2018-10-11    [Source:chemical today]

HOUSTON, US: The US nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 (Polyamide 66-PA66) markets continue to face pressure despite decreasing feedstock costs amid severely constrained global supplies and strong demand.

In this market scenario, “PA66 availability will continue to be constrained for the short term,” said Phil McDivitt, President and CEO of Ascend Performance Materials, in a statement. “We are committed to meeting the long-term needs of our customers and maintaining reliable operations,” he added.

Due to conflicting reports on long-term PA66 availability, the company believed it necessary to restate its plans to meet the increased market demand, it stated.

A fully integrated producer and supplier of PA66, Ascend, declared force majeure on Pensacola, Florida site, mentioning that production continued to be around 90 percent of capacity. Further, “the announced 2018, 40kt adiponitrile expansion is nearly complete and work is underway to begin our further 180kt adiponitrile expansion by 2022. We plan to continue adding capacity to relieve the bulk of constraints felt in the market,” said McDivitt.

Moreover, the recent acquisition in Tilburg, Netherlands, is running at full capacity producing engineered plastic compounds for the European customers. Also facilities in Foley, Alabama, and Greenwood, South Carolina, are producing compounds and fiber at optimal levels, he added.

High-performance polyamide solutions are used in the automotive, electrical & electronic, cable tie and consumer & industrial markets.

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