When will the Declining TDI Price Bounce Back?
2018-09-29    [Source:PUdaily]
For a period before September 29, the TDI market had been falling. The downward trend started from the middle of August. In the three weeks before September 29, the decrease had accelerated. During this period, the good news that many domestic facilities underwent maintenance failed to boost the price as the less-than-expected demand and the large influx of imported goods in the past two months put a greater downward pressure. In a buyer's market, selling off the goods is the fundamental principle that should be followed. Therefore, domestic goods and imported ones competed to reduce price. On September 29, the offer for east China-originated spot goods stood at RMB 23,500-23,800/ton in drum in cash with invoice included. Market players’ opinions were widely divided on how the price would move in the future.
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