CPI Declares Three Finalists for this Year’s Polyurethane Innovation Award
2018-09-14    [Source:SpecialChem]

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) has recently announced Demilec (USA) Inc., ICL-IP America, Inc. and SWD Urethane as the three finalists for this year’s Polyurethane Innovation Award.

Respected throughout the industry, the renowned award will be presented during the Polyurethanes Technical Conference in October in Atlanta.

It recognizes the most inventive commercial technologies in the polyurethanes industry over the last 12 months.

Opportunity to Recognize Visionary & Ground-breaking Achievements

Lee Salamone, CPI senior director, said:

“The Polyurethane Innovation Award provides opportunity to recognize visionary and ground-breaking achievements within our industry and honor the companies that demonstrate those accomplishments. It’s about our commitment to developing and advancing technologies that enhance the quality of life through sustainable and responsible practices. CPI congratulates Demilec (USA) Inc., ICL-IP America, Inc. and SWD Urethane on their innovations, and we look forward to their presentations during the Polyurethanes Technical Conference’s Opening Session.”

2018 Finalists

The 2018 finalists described their innovations as follows:
Demilec (USA) Inc.’s Heatlok® HFO: Heatlok HFO® delivers a zero ODP, ultra-low GWP and high renewable/recyclable closed-cell foam for the insulation industry. Heatlok HFO® High Lift, with its R-7.5/inch, provides breakthrough alternatives for the residential builder. Heatlok HFO® Pro, at R-7.4/inch, creates an air, vapor, water and thermal barrier at 1 inch, ideal for commercial buildings.
ICL-IP America, Inc.’s VeriQuel™ R100: VeriQuel™ R100, a phosphorus-based, reactive flame retardant uniquely addresses the building and construction market’s desire for chemistries that provide fire safety and eliminate exposures during product use. VeriQuel™ R100 leaves no foot print and alleviates concerns about exposure to people and potential harm to the environment.
SWD Urethanes’ Quik-Shield® 108YM: Quik-Shield® 108YM, the “Yield Monster,” is an ultra-low-density open-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation product. It is the first 0.36 pcf density spray foam, and it provides up to 39 percent more yield.

Representatives from Demilec (USA) Inc., ICL-IP America, Inc. and SWD Urethane will present their innovations during the Opening Session of the Polyurethanes Technical Conference, which will be at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis from Oct. 1-3, 2018. Each conference attendee will have the opportunity to vote in favor of one finalist. The winner will be announced at the conference’s Closing Session.

Other Highlights

In addition to the Innovation award, the annual conference, the longest-running polyurethanes conference in North America, will feature more than 70 technical presentations by industry experts and government officials, as well CPI’s Polyurethane Professional Development Program and a Table Top Exhibition.

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