ACC Applauds President Trump for Signing Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Into Law
2018-09-14    [Source:ACC]

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s signing of the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) Act of 2018 into law:

“By signing MTB into law, the President has affirmed his support for U.S. chemicals manufacturers that rely on select foreign inputs to retain our position as the world’s leading, low-cost producer of chemicals. We hope the success of the MTB will help the President see that a zero-tariff policy that helps create new markets for producers and brings innovative products of chemistry to new regions is the best course for U.S. trade policy.

“The MTB is the product of a tireless, bipartisan and multi-year effort, the results of which could not have come at a more crucial time for our country’s manufacturing sector. Earlier this week, ACC announced that U.S. chemical and plastics industry investment linked to plentiful and affordable domestic supplies of natural gas and natural gas liquids from shale formations surpassed $200 billion. With the support of more policies like the MTB, the U.S. can remain the most attractive place in the world to invest in chemical manufacturing.”

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