BASF’s Latest TPU Technology Makes High-Performance Shoe Shank Production Faster and More Cost Efficient
2018-08-08    [Source:BASF]

BASF’s thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) optimized to provide excellent mechanical properties ideal for shoe shanks
Advanced material technology empowers greater design freedom for decorative shoe parts
Energy efficient TPU grade reduces cycle time by up to 30%

BASF today introduced an advanced grade of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which can significantly improve production of shoe shanks and decorative shoe parts in high-performance shoes while providing excellent mechanical properties, such as UV resistance. The new Elastollan® TPU grade is also compatible with automation, allowing parts to be easily removed from the mold, and enabling greater design freedom for decorative shoe parts.

“BASF has been providing a broad range of footwear material solutions for years. This new material helps address rising standards and reduce costs for shank production,” said Manfred Pawlowski, Vice President, Consumer, Performance Materials Asia Pacific, BASF. “We are already working closely with shoe brand owners and manufacturers to explore various high-performance footwear applications.”

The new Elastollan grade requires a lower injection temperature, enabling a shorter cycle time, stronger cold flexibility and easy demolding in shoe shank manufacturing. This reduces processing time by up to 30%, depending on the size and thickness of individual parts, which in turn significantly reduces labor costs.

The shank is a part of the supportive structure between the insole and outsole of the shoe. It is typically made with rigid materials to support the foot and stiffen the outsoles for a more stable fit.

Owing to its rigidity, the new grade is also an ideal material solution for sports and leisure products such as ski binders, which connect ski boots to the skis.

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