How will the Adjustment of Energy Consumption Structure Impact MDI Market?
2018-07-11    [Source:PUdaily]
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Xinhua News Agency (July 3)— Endorsed by Premier Li Keqiang, the Three-Year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defence War (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) was recently issued by the State Council. The contents include clear limits on the consumption structure of primary energy in addition to strengthening the comprehensive rectification of firms that are not located in industrial parks, don’t obtain relevant licenses and pollute environment, making greater efforts to abate industrial pollution, fully implementing special emission limits regarding air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).The details of the limits are as follows: The Action Plan reaffirms the goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan to reduce the coal's share of China's total energy consumption to below 58% by 2020. It proposes that great efforts should be made to build the production, supply, storage and marketing system for natural gas and strive to make natural gas account for 10% of the total energy consumption by 2020. Also, it calls for speeding up the development of clean energy and new energy. By 2020, non-fossil energy sources (including nuclear, wind, solar, water, biomass, geothermal and Marine energy) shall make up 15% of total energy consumption. So what is China's current energy consumption structure like? And how will it shift?
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