Evonik Calostat® Honored as “Product of the Year 2018” by the Feuertrutz Network
2018-03-13    [Source:Evonik]

Evonik’s high-performance insulation material CALOSTAT® has been named “Product of the year 2018.” The FeuerTRUTZ Network selected the innovative material as the winner in the category “Passive Fire Protection”. At the awards ceremony in Hanau on March 9, the jury praised the product’s outstanding properties.

“CALOSTAT® was the clear winner in the Structural Fire Protection category. Both the readers and the expert jury were very impressed by the combination of outstanding fire protection and super insulation material,” said Günther Oster from the FeuerTRUTZ network during the awards handing over. For both groups CALOSTAT® is the number one. FeuerTRUTZ Network GmbH is Germany’s leading publishing house for specialist information on the topic of preventive fire protection. In addition, every year FeuerTRUTZ Network organizes Europe’s largest trade fair for preventive fire protection.

CALOSTAT® is classified as class A material (non-combustible). The high-performance insulation material is based on silicon dioxide, it is non-toxic, fully recyclable, and does not require any fire retardants whatsoever. With a very low thermal conductivity of λ = 0.019 W/(mK), the high-performance insulation material developed by Evonik is the only product on the market to combine excellent fire protection with outstanding thermal insulation in a slim panel which makes it suitable for challenging insulation situations, such as in modern building facades.

“We are delighted to win this award,” said Dr. Bettina Gerharz-Kalte, head of the Thermal Insulation Growth Business, “because it underlines a very important fact: the product is available, a safe, non-combustible insulation, which also meets the highest requirements. Depending on how you look at it, boards made of CALOSTAT® are either heat-insulating fire protection panels or non-combustible insulation panels. Finding this combination in a single product is unique. This opens up many very interesting options for specialist planners and architects.”

CALOSTAT® can be used in all insulation applications in the building envelope: in facade elements, precast concrete parts, as core insulation, in cavity walls, on flat roofs, as interior insulation, in construction elements such as doors or windows, and for optimization of the technical building components.

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