Hexion Introduces Novel Aromatic Tackifiers for Tire, Rubber and Adhesive Applications
2018-02-11    [Source:Hexion]

Hexion Inc. (“Hexion” or the “Company”) is introducing a new line of aromatic resin tackifiers with improved performance and a better environmental profile compared with current market options. Tackifiers are chemicals used to increase surface stickiness in adhesive formulations.

In independent, ISO 17025 certified third-party testing, the new ResonanceTM HF90-300 series of tackifier resins performed better than the market benchmark in tack, elongation and tear and tensile bond strength. These enhancements should lead to improved stability and performance in tire, rubber and adhesive applications.

At the same time, these resins are formulated without butyl, octyl or nonylphenol monomers and can be used to reduce or eliminate alkylphenol monomer levels from adhesive formulations. This allows the development of a variety of formulations, such as the Resonance HF90-300 series that includes no-added formaldehyde (NAF) resin technology.

“These novel tackifier resins achieve excellent tack and bond strength, improving performance,” says JP Aucoin, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Phenolic Specialty Resins, Hexion.

“The Resonance HF90-300 series can be easily incorporated into existing formulations.” The Resonance HF90-300 series of tackifier resins complements and expands Hexion’s current, comprehensive portfolio of reinforcing and vulcanizing resins for this market.
For more information, visit the Hexion booth at Tire Technology Expo 2018, February 20-22 at the Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany, Halls 19-21, Stand C405.

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