China Polyurethane Monthly Report 201511
2015-12-08    [Source:PUdaily]

1. Polyurethane Market Retrospect

Polyurethane (PU) raw materials are ups and downs amid the composite index falls down slightly during the demand stepping into slack season. Polymeric MDI price soars as the suppliers unite together against the fatigue demand from downstream; BDO, DMF and pure MDI prices tap the lowest early this month but begin to climb up later; TDI market keeps falling down in the first half month and then, the price stops declining with stable running and suppliers take wait stance to the market outlook; Polyether polyols market surges after moving down at the beginning of the month in line with propylene oxide price action. Bearish sentiment has been still eroding the PTMEG and AA market and the prices continue to going down; the price of PU resin mainly maintains stable running whilst the price of shoe soles decreases by RMB 500-1,000/ton.

Looking forward to December...

1.1. Polyurethane Index Analysis

1.1.1 Composite Index 

PUdaily PU composite index moves down slowly and then goes up with fluctuation. Pure MDI and TDI markets keep declining almost to record low in the first half month, then begin to climb up slowly...

1.2. 1.1.2 Flexible Foam Index

1.3. 1.1.3 Rigid Foam Index


2. Polyurethane Raw Material Market

2.1. Propylene Oxide

2.1.1 Market Overview

China propylene oxide market declines significantly early this month as Jishen Chemical ramps up the operating loads steadily and Wanhua Chemical plans to restart the facilities, which makes the market players filled with panic...


2.1.4 Import & Export Data

China propylene oxide imports were 13,565 tons in October, decreasing by 71.75% from last year and 37.48% from September, adding up total imports to 228,296 tons in first ten months. Import value was reported 19,660,000 US dollars in...


3. Polyurethane Products Market Analysis

3.1. Flexible Foam

In this month, China flexible foam market performs weakly and runs stably overall. Downstream users act cautiously and purchase on rigid demand as propylene oxide and TDI prices all remain falling down continuously. In the middle of the month, the polyols market turns warm and the trading atmosphere becomes better pushed by propylene oxide price rally. But as China flexible foam market is stepping into traditional peak-season, the downstream demand, including automotive, upholstered furniture industries, is said to be flattish...


4. Downstream Industries

4.1. Flexible Foam Downstream

4.1.1 Upholstered Furniture

In October, the sales of building-material household stores based on national-scale totaled to RMB 103.66 billion, down by 4.92% month on month while 15.68% year on year. The sales from January to October amounted to RMB 902.26 billion, down by 8.54% year on year...

4.1.2 Automobile


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