Is the Rebound in PMDI Price Real?
Will TDI Price Rebound as the Peak Season is Coming?
Is the Environmental Inspection a Crisis or Opportunity for the PU Industry?
A Continued Analysis of the Sino-U.S. Trade War
How will the Low Water Level in the Rhine Impact PU Raw Materials Market?
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Recently, the PMDI market was weak. From July 31 to August 15, the price of Shanghai-originated goods dropped from RMB 20,600/ton to RMB 17,500/ton, down by RMB 3,100/ton. The price of Wanhua goods fell from RMB 21,000/ton to RMB 19,000/ton, dropping by RMB 2,000/ton. Shortly after the price reached the threshold of 17,500 yuan/ton, on August 16 it slightly rose to RMB 18,000-19,000/ton. So will the price rise be short-lived or continue? Next, PUdaily will share views with you by analyzing the supply, demand and market mentality...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- In July, the downward trend of TDI price in the typical off season was reversed. The bullish sentiments among dealers became stronger as the manufacturers increased their fixed offers continuously. Due to the dealers’ reluctance to sell goods, the price gradually rose. Although there was a short period during which correction occurred as a result of the previous rapid rise in price, the overall TDI price showed an upward trend throughout July.
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) held a meeting to analyze the current environmental and economic situation and summarize the progress made in the work in the first half of the year. Concluding that the current situation of environmental protection is still serious, the meeting set priorities for the second half of the year. It required that the central environmental protection inspection teams should lose no time in carrying out the fourth round of environmental inspection to cover all provinces and cities. And environmental law enforcement should move from being "lax and loose" to "strict and tough"...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Today, PUdaily will continue to talk about the Sino-U.S. trade war. Why? That is because it is such a hot spot that we cannot miss it...
The water level of the Rhine has dropped significantly below 100cm due to the hot weather and reduced rainfalls in Europe. BASF and Covestro’s MDI and TDI facilities in Europe are mainly located in Germany. If transport on the Rhine is restricted and the manufacturers turn to land route, their costs are likely to increase. This will further lead to impeded shipments of TDI and MDI to the European markets. Thus, possibility of less supply from manufacturers and higher prices cannot be ruled out...

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