Landscape of TDI Imports and Exports Changes in 2018
Will PMDI Price Stabilize in November?
Isocyanate Manufacturers Saw a Decline in Q3 Results
Big Events along the TDI Value Chain in 2018
Dow AIE Rigid Polyol Plant Inauguration Ceremony Has been Hold in Rayong
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Time flies! We have entered the fourth quarter. For us, it is time to collect data for the full year for analysis. Today, PUdaily will present data on China’s TDI imports and exports for the January-August period 2017 and 2018 for your reference.By comparing the TDI import and export figures for the January-August period 2017 and 2018, PUdaily found (see Table 1) that this year the volume of China’s TDI imports increased by 55.32% year on year, while that of exports fell by 26.80%. As a result, the volume of net exports fell by 35,191 tons.
PUdaily, Shanghai-- The PMDI price has dropped by RMB 7,000/ton from RMB 20,000/ton to RMB 13,000/ton since August. The price dropped to low levels that had never been expected during the traditional peak season. As the September-to-October peak season has come to an end, it will become even harder to see price increase. But after reviewing the recent supply and demand, we conclude that the market is not as weak as imagined...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- As the global economic environment becomes increasingly harsh, its impact on the businesses begins to appear. Isocyanate manufacturers are no exception. Recently, many listed companies reported their third quarter 2018 results. As the MDI and TDI prices dropped under downward pressure, the earnings of many companies’ isocyanate units declined compared with last year. The third quarter results of individual companies are as follows...
PUdaily, Shanghai-In 2018, the capacity of BASF’s 300k t/a TDI facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany and that of Sadara’s 200k t/a TDI facility are expanded, disrupting the overall balance of global supply and demand. Thus, growth in demand is slower than the expansion of capacity. Also, the global economic and political situation is complex, resulting in weak momentum of global economic recovery. Besides, the storm of domestic environmental inspection gains momentum. Some companies have to carry out rectification within the specified time or completely shut down their facilities. In 2018, as domestic and global TDI prices set on a downward trajectory, the traditional sales policy adopted by TDI manufacturers , the dealers’ management and sales model as well as the purchasing habits of downstream customers gradually change.
PUdaily, Shanghai- Dow AIE Rigid Polyol Plant inauguration ceremony has been hold in Rayong in November 8th...

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