Encouraged, Restricted Or Eliminated? All for Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading!
A Review of PU Index Movement in March and Forecast for April
Will the BDO Market Bottom Out?
PU Resin Market Keeps Negative Growth in 2018
Cangzhou Dahua Announced 2018 Operating Data
On April 8, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the National Industrial Restructuring Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition, Draft for Comments) (hereinafter referred to as 2019 Draft Catalogue). The 2019 Draft Catalogue covers three categories, including encouraged, restricted and phase-out categories.Industries not covered by the 2019 Draft Catalogue and meet the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and policies are permitted. The encouraged category mainly includes technologies, equipment, products and industries that play an important role in promoting economic and social development, and that are conducive to meeting the people's needs for better life and promoting high-quality development. The restricted category mainly includes production capacities, processes, equipment and products that are technologically backward, do not meet the requirements of industry access, are prohibited from being newly built or expanded
Outlook: April is still a traditional peak season for downstream sectors. Based on the current situation, Pudaily expects that the overall polyurethane market will become strong in the month. Prices for isocyanates such as polymeric MDI, pure MDI and TDI will continue to rise tentatively. Prices for PO and polyether polyols are likely to be driven up by the recovery in downstream demand...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- As the prices of calcium carbide and methanol continued to rise, BDO manufacturers have been under great cost pressure since the end of the Spring Festival holiday. Meanwhile, the price for BDO dropped from RMB 9,150/ton at the beginning of the year to the current RMB 8,400/ton. Thus, the profit margin of manufacturers has been significantly compressed. Opinions are widely divided on the future price trend...
PUdaily, Shanghai--Overview of the PU resin industry: PU resins for synthetic leather (synthetic leather resin), a polymer solution system, are used as a coating to prepare PU synthetic leather. Producers of synthetic leather resins in China generally have a large production capacity, but most of them target the middle- and low-end markets. Mainly used in shoe leather and luggage leather, their products are less competitive in clothing leather.
Dropping after remaining high for several months, in 2018 TDI price experienced two rallies. During the first few months of 2018, domestic TDI producers had a low level of inventories and as a result the price remained high. But from March to April, the price set on a downward trajectory. By the end of April, the price reached RMB 24,000/ton (including tax), bottoming out for the first time. In May and June, the price was on an upward...

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