The Shoemaking Industry is Struggling
Water-based PUD and UV Help Domestic IPDI Consumption Achieve Steady Growth
China Polyols Exports Increases 19% YoY in Q1, 2018
Where is the Next Resistance Level as TDI Price Continues to Rise?
How Will the
With the rapid development of its shoemaking industry, China has become the world's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter. But in recent years, the footwear industry has been faced with unprecedented challenges due to the rising labor cost, trade protectionism and fierce competition owing to product homogeneity. The decline in shoe production slows as the industry has entered a new normal...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Currently, isocyanates mainly include MDI, TDI, HDI, IPDI, HMDI, XDI and NDI. MDI and TDI are presently the major two products, accounting for about 90% of all isocyanates. Meanwhile, HDI, IPDI and hydrogenated MDI have seen increasingly wide use in recent years due to excellent weather resistance and anti-yellowing property.Before 2015, all of domestic IPDI were imported from abroad. In 2016, with the start-up of Wanhua Chemical’s IPDI facility in China, years of complete dependence on imports came to an end. However, more than 70% of IPDI consumed domestically still come from abroad. By analyzing the data on IPDI demand over the past five years, it can be seen that the domestic IPDI demand has maintained a steady growth, except for 2015 when the demand dropped slightly
PUdaily, Shanghai-- In the first quarter of 2018, the volume of China’s polyether polyols exports (HS CODE 39072090) reached 124,000 tons, up 20,000 tons from 2017, or about 19%. In the same period, the total volume of polyether polyols imports was 133,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 2%...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- "dramatic price rise" will surely lead to "retaliatory decline", while excessive decline usually entails a subsequent sharp rally. This seems to be an "iron law" in the market. In 2018, domestic TDI market experiences ups and downs, with the price fluctuating considerably. PUdaily finds after observation that in January, the overall supply was tight due to the failure of facilities of two manufacturers in Shanghai. Whereas downstream TDI demands were strong, whether at home and abroad.
PUdaily, Shanghai-- On May 7, 2018, after two years of investigation and survey, the national mandatory standard for plastic runways Synthetic Surfaced Athletic Ground in Primary and Secondary Schools GB 36246-36246 (hereinafter referred to as 2018 GB) was officially published on the website of Standardization Administration of China...

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