Notification of Spring Festival Holiday
2017 China Polyether Imports Outnumber Exports
Why 2017 MDI Imports on Rising Trend
Why HDI holding on When HMD Sees On-going Rise?
China’s Polyether-Polyols Exports Increased Steadily in 2017
Dear all: In celebration of Chinese Spring Festival, we will be on holiday from Feb. 13 (Tuesady) to Feb. 21 (wednesday).During these days, information on our website will not be updated...
PUdaily, Shanghai -- In the past few years, China has more polyether exports than imports. But 2017 is quite different. Then how many supplying resources for exports and imports are there in 2017 and which regions are involved into China’s polyether imports and exports? Today, PUdaily will make an analysis concerning the questions above on the basis of 8-bit code customs data in 2017...
As is shown in the data of recent 6 years, with increasing new capacity in China, polymeric MDI imports go on a declining trend except for 2013, when the imports surge dramatically due to the elevated domestic demands...
PUdaily, Shanghai -- Recently, BASF declared force majeure on the global supply of HMD, AH-salt as well as all the polyamide 66 polymer and compound product (Ultramid ® and Capron ® PA66) originating from Germany because its HMD production was impacted due to in plants shutdown after accident failures had happened to the local public equipment. Under this circumstance, as for the downstream market, nylon 66 prices tend to surge again, but HDI market keeps as still as a sea
PUdaily, Shanghai-- In 2017, China’s total polyether-polyol exports were about 428,000 tons, which include 105,000 tons of system polyols and 323,000 tons of polymonoether (a year-on-year increase of nearly 6%). So the export volume of polyether polyols saw further increase. Major polyether-polyol exporters in China include Wanhua Chemical, Jurong Ningwu New Material, Jiahua Chemical, Kukdo Chemical and Nanjing Hongbaoli. The main export destinations were South Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and other major Asian countries. Besides, Turkey remained an active overseas market for domestic polyether polyols. In terms of the types of exported polyether polyols in 2017, rigid polyols, system polyols and common slab polyols played the dominant roles....

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