U.S. Construction Trends to Watch in 2018
Will China TDI Price Continue to Fall?
China Polyether Polyols Continues Dropping on Dulled Demand
LANXESS Posts Record Earnings for 2017 and a Good Start to the New Fiscal Year
BDO Price Continues to Rise after the Spring Festival Holiday
Last year, the U.S. construction industry grew by 35% adding 210,000 jobs to the American market. Contractors are predicting a further industry expansion in 2018, with Dodge Data & Analytics projecting a 3% increase in construction starts.....
PUdaily, Shanghai-- As downstream demand had not recovered, TDI price in China began to fall at the beginning of last week. Meanwhile, manufacturers and dealers reduced price to expedite sale under the pressure of inventory, shipment and finance. Today, the ruling offer for Shanghai-originated goods stands at 36,000-36,500 RMB Yuan/ton in drum with invoice included...
PUdaily, Shanghai—It has already been nearly three weeks after the market reopened after Spring Festival holidays. Domestic polyether polyols and propylene oxide (PO) prices, which rose slightly in the first two weeks, eventually set on the downward trajectory last week. Through the continuing fall, now the prices have dropped to the level seen in last December. The main cause is later-than-expected recovery in downstream demands...
Specialty chemicals company LANXESS continues its profitable growth path. The company ended fiscal year 2017 with record earnings. LANXESS has also made a good start to the new year......
East China-originated BDO price consolidates at high level. manufacturers' reference offer for sporadic purchase stands at 12,000-12,500 RMB Yuan/ton, while middlemen’s reference offer is negotiated at 11,300-11,800 RMB Yuan/ton. Offer for small orders is slightly higher, with offer for some drummed goods standing at 12300-12800 RMB Yuan/ton. With tight supply of spot goods, the manufacturers have strong intention to raise price...

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