Highlights along the BDO-THF-PTMEG Value Chain in 2018
Anti-dumping Investigations in Polyurethanes Industry
Big Events along the OTDA Value Chain in 2018
Big Events along the HDI Value Chain in 2018
2018 Big Events in PO Value Chain
According to Suntower Consulting, there are about 20 BDO manufacturers in China, with the capacity totaling about 2.34 million tons/year. However, with an operating rate of 50-60%, the manufacturers see low utilization of their capacities. According to statistics, downstream demands for BDO are about 1.2 million tons/year. Currently, some manufacturers’ BDO facilities are still in idle due to low demands or environmental inspection. Over the next three years, the BDO/PBT/PTMEG/GBL industry will continue to see extension or new projects. Currently, the profit margin of the BDO/THF/PTMEG industry is narrow. The upstream BDO manufacturers are losing money...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- With the advancement of economic globalization, trade between countries has increased. This entails various forms of trade frictions, which draws the attention of many countries....
Introduction to OTDA : In earlier years, as a by-product in the production of TDI, OTDA was disposed of by domestic manufacturers through incineration. But now OTDA is generally sold to downstream manufacturers as its new applications are discovered. At present, it is mainly used in rigid-foam polyester polyols and TTA (corrosion inhibitor). The latter accounts for more than half of the total OTDA demand.
Big events in the raw material sector 1. Globally, hexamethylendiamine (HMD) is generally used as the raw material to synthesize HDI through phosgenation. Therefore, the change in the HMD market has a direct effect on the HDI market. With a synthesis process similar to that of MDI, HDI has its industrialized production technology controlled by a minority of manufacturers around the world. In 2018, force majeure occurs frequently on adiponitrile/adipic amine facilities. As a result, the supply of HMD becomes tight and its price climbs steadily. Facilities of most HDI manufacturers operate well below the capacity due to the restricted HMD supply.
2018 Big Events in PO Value Chain: 1. In February, the Ministry of Environmental Protection published the Environmental Protection Comprehensive Directory (2017), in which 855 heavy-pollution and high-environmental-risk products were included. PO except those produced using direct oxidation process is among these products. 2. In August, CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company formally started the construction of the main facilities of the styrene (630k tons/year)/propylene oxide (300k tons/year) and polyether polyols (250k tons/year) project (hereinafter referred to as "SMPO/POD project"), which would last for two years...

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