2017CHINACOAT Remarkably Held in Shanghai
What Will Market be With New Polyols Suppliers
A Glimpse at Wanhua Chemical’s Export Policy Through Customs Data
PTTGC Announces Net Profit of Almost 10 Billion Baht for 3rd Quarter of 2017 Results
Hongbaoli to Undertake Polyether Polyols Plants Overhaul
PUdaily, Shanghai – Last week, 2017 CHINACOAT is held in Shanghai New International Expo Center where 1180 exhibitors around the world gathered and ten thousands of audience enjoyed the feast in three days. As a world-level exhibit, CHINACOAT attracts a great number of global suppliers, such as those well-known enterprises, Wanhua, BATF, Covestro, Elementis, Evonik, and Dow. It is in 1996 that the exhibit was held for the first time. At present, each year it is held alternately in Shanghai and Guangzhou, which is highly valued and evaluated by the global industry. For this time, CHINACOAT includes exhibitions of various raw materials for coatings...
PUdaily, Shanghai- Sales market is as complex as a deep sea. Today, PUdaily will talk about how customers will choose when big new-brand suppliers emerge in polyether market...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Editor's note: As the saying goes, one falling leaf is indicative of the coming of autumn. The ancients often expressed their melancholy and lamented in autumn. But PUdaily will act in a diametrically opposite way. As the saying goes, from a falling leaf, we can anticipate the coming of autumn. Today...
PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) has announced the company’s operating performance for the third quarter of 2017, with a quarterly net profit of 9,955 million baht, bringing the company’s total net profit for the first nine months of this year to 29,740 million baht, the highest in six years. The increase is partly due to higher product margins....
PUdaily, Shanghai-- Hongbaoli Group plans to carry out maintenance of monomer polyether polyols device with a capacity of 180,000-ton/year production. It will begin at the end of this week and will last for 19 days. Rigid polyols products will....

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