Will the BDO Price Set on a Downward Trajectory in April?
Insight on Chinese Polyether Polyols Supply in SE & Sth Asia
How Much Impact Will the Sino-U.S. Trade War Have on China’s HDI Hardener Market?
Will the PMDI Price Continue to Fall?
Who Plays a Dominant Role in Southeast Asian PMDI Markets?
Last week, the supply of spot goods in domestic BDO market was adequate as manufacturers that previously performed maintenance had resumed normal operation. It is reported that Markor Chemical’s facilities had been restarted and its operating rate had risen to 70%. Fujian Meizhouwan Chlor-alkali Industry’s BDO facilities had been restarted and spot goods from the manufacturer were available. Sinopec Great Wall Energy and Chemical had ceased operation for turnaround, which was expected to last for about 30 days. A few manufacturers still have turnaround plans in April. For example, Chongqing Jianfeng Chemicals plans to shut down its facilities for maintenance in late April. Though enquiries from downstream customers are increasing, more of them stayed on the sideline, only making purchase based on their rigid demands. Manufacturers received orders and delivered shipments as usual. Although offers from major producers remained stable, the actual transaction price was heard to decline slightly. The price remains stable on the surface, but in fact it declines. On April 11, the reference price of BDO in east China stood at RMB 11,600-11,900/ton DEL in bulk by bank draft payment...
PUdaily, Shanghai- As the most important export destinations for polyether polyols producers in China, Southeast Asia and South Asia account for over 30% of China's polyether polyols exports. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are the main target markets. While in south Asia, India and Pakistan are the major target markets...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- On April 3, 2018 (EST), based on the unilaterally declared results of the 301 investigation, the U.S. government announced an additional tariff of 25% on imports from China, covering about $50 billion worth of exports to the United States. Obviously, the U.S. government broke the relevant rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and seriously violated lawful rights and interests entitled to China in accordance with those rules, thus posing a threat to China's economic interests and security
PUdaily, Shanghai-- In recent months, the price of PMDI fell sharply first. Later, it rallied slightly. Then it set on the downward trajectory again. According to PUdaily, the price of PMDI fell to RMB 18,000-19,500/ton before it bottomed out to reach RMB 19,800-21,400/ton. Then it started to decline again. As of April 2, the price had fallen to RMB 18,800-20,800/ton. In this article, PUdaily will analyze the cause of the roller coaster and make forecast about the market outlook by analyzing downstream consumptions...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- In 2017, the PMDI (polymeric MDI) price in China increased by nearly 100%. The price of PMDI in southeast Asia followed suit, reaching a record high. Data from PUdaily shows that the price of PMDI in southeast Asia was in the range of between USD 1,900 and 3,450 tons. The average price was $2,700/ton, up 93% from $1,300/ ton in 2016...

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