LANXESS Increases Prices for Adipic Acid
How will RCEP Impact Domestic PU Industry?
Tariffs, Delays, Construction Inflate LyondellBasell PO/TBA Costs by 30%
INVISTA Adds 40,000-ton/year Polymer Capacity in China to Serve Local Demand
Domestic HDI Production Capacity will Usher in an Explosive Period around 2023, Which is Good for Nylon 66 and HDI Industry
Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is raising its prices for adipic acid globally with immediate effect. The increase amounts to EUR 90 per metric ton. The reason for the adjustment is the significant rise in raw material costs over the past months...
In recent years, the production and consumption of PU raw materials and products in China have been increasing. In the context of domestic industrial structure being optimized, PU industry as part of the chemical industry is increasingly eye-catching. Currently, China is the largest producer of polyurethane in the world...
Because of tariffs, delays and construction, LyondellBasell expects that costs will rise by at least 30% for its new propylene oxide/tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) project, executives said on Friday.The $2.4bn PO/TBA project began in August 2018, and it is made up of two parts...
INVISTA has completed a 40,000-ton/year nylon 6,6 polymer capacity expansion at its polymer plant at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). This addition brings the plant’s capacity to 190,000-ton/year. “This new polymer capacity is part of INVISTA’s strategic investments to supply the strong local and regional demand for high-quality nylon products,” said Angela Dou, INVISTA’s Asia Pacific regional business director, nylon polymer. “We estimate China could become the world’s largest consumer of nylon 6,6 in the next few years—with many growth sectors, including an increased demand for engineering polymers used in automotive, electrical & engineering markets, such as light weighting, powertrain parts optimization, electrification, and automation.”
Adiponitrile (ADN) is an important organic chemical intermediate, mainly used in the production of polyhexanediamide (nylon 66), 1,6-hexanediisocyanate (HDI), nylon 610 and other materials. According to the statistics, about 90% of the ADN is used for the production of nylon 66 worldwide every year. Before 2019, the global production of ADN is mainly dominated by some large multinational companies, and there are no chemical enterprises producing ADN in China...

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