2020 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice (Jan. 22, 2020---Jan. 30, 2020)
Latest Development of Technological Transformation of Wanhua’s MDI Plant for Capacity Expansion
PO plant Can Be Transformed to Produce Epichlorohydrin
Announcement on the Progress of U.S. MDI Project by Wanhua Chemical Group
Significance of Styrene Monomer Futures Trading
Dear all, in celebration of Chinese Spring Festival, we will be on holiday on Jan. 22 (Wednesday) and come back on Jan. 30 (Friday). During these days, Information on our website and wechat will not be updated. We are sorry for inconvenience thusly caused. If you have any questions during this time, please send e-mail to service@pudaily.com...
It is reported that Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. has completed the filing formalities for its integrated MDI/HDI expansion project in Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau. The integrated project involves technological transformation of a MDI plant to expand its capacity to 1.5 million tons/year, building a 50k t/a HDI unit and other supporting facilities.
PUdaily, Shanghai--As is well known, the chlorohydrination process for producing propylene oxide includes two steps.First, producing chloropropanol via chlorohydrination of propylene with chlorine. Second, chloropropanol is saponified to produce propylene oxide. The processes for producing epichlorohydrin include high temperature chlorination of propylene, allyl acetate process and glycerol process. Of which the high temperature chlorination of propylene is a traditional process, which includes three steps...
On November 17, 2018, Wanhua Chemical Group published the Announcement on Building an Integrated MDI Project in the United States. At the preliminary design stage, the investment for the project increased significantly due to changes in the external environment. The company is reevaluating the scale and location of the project. Despite these difficulties and challenges, the company still plans to have a MDI capacity of 400,000 tons per year in the United States.
Styrene monomer (SM) is an important chemical feedstock, which is mainly used to produce expanded polystyrene (EPS), polystyrene (PS) and ABS resin. It is also called "a devil variety" because of the wild fluctuation of its spot price...

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