An Analysis of Policies on Blowing Agent for Rigid PU Foam
MDI’s Downstream Markets in India Stagnated Amid Covid-19 Epidemic
Construction Start of Wanhua (Fujian) MDI Industrial Park
Trend in PO Production Processes
Will the Market Price for MDI-50 Continue to Rise
PUdaily, Shanghai- The ozone layer is the layer with high ozone concentration in the stratosphere of the atmosphere. Most of the ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by ozone...
Before the March 20, the number of newly confirmed cases in India had remained low. But since then the number has increased rapidly...
Wanhua Chemical broke ground for the construction of its Fujian Industrial Park, marking the start of its whole-value-chain project. On the same day, a total of 18 projects in Fuqing city were started, with a total investment of CNY58.1 billion...
PUDaily,Shanghai--According to the National Industrial Restructuring Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, chlorohydrin process is restricted, while cooxidation process and HPPO process are encouraged...
Compared with the price decreasing for PMDI and pure MDI in last weeks, the domestic ex-factory price and market price for MDI-50 have increased constantly. On the one hand, domestic MDI manufacturers has less MDI-50 goods to supply to the market due to their low production loads recently. On the other hand, traders were reluctant to sell their limited stocks on hand. On March 23, ruling offer for MDI-50 in the trading market stood at RMB 20,500-21,300/ton, RMB 3,000/ton higher than the ruling offer on Feb 28...

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