An Overview of China’s PO Imports in August
Launch of Huawei Mate30 Led to Soaring Concept Stocks
What Supports the PMDI Price Increase?
Growth of Lithium Ion Battery Industry Drives NMP Demand
What does
Compared with about 52,100 tons in January, the volume of China’s PO imports in August was 44,000 tons, up 14.6% month on month and 60.0% year on year...
PUdaily, Shanghai-- On September 26, Huawei held a launch event in Shanghai for its 2019 flagship products, unveiling the prices for the China version of its Mate30 series and its Smart Screen TV. Although previously the Mate30 series had been released in Germany, their domestic prices were still the focus of the conference...
PUdaily, Shanghai--Yesterday (23rd Sept.), market sources reported that the latest list price for October quoted by a major PMDI manufacturer stood at RMB 17,000/ton, up RMB 1,500/ton from the list price for September. Meanwhile yesterday's market price was RMB 11,600-12,500/ton (23rd Sept.). The big price difference surprised the market. But there is support for the supplier's price increase.
PUdaily, Shanghai-- NMP has wide applications in lithium ion battery, medicine, pigment, cleaning agent and insulation material industries. At present, it is mainly used in new energy sector to manufacture lithium ion batteries, dominated by power battery, and new materials sector to produce aramid fiber, polyphenylene sulfide and polyimide. The composition of lithium ion battery is as follows:
PUdaily, Shanghai-- On September 14, two oil processing facilities owned by Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil producer, were attacked by drones. At the time, news headlined "black swan" and "super black swan" were frequently seen. So what does "black swan" really mean? And what is the origin of the term...

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